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【CABLE】 SOLiDE USB-C to USB-C Charging Cable

2019 NEWEST SOLiDE CHARGING CABLE - Exceeds Over 50,000 Bending Tests!!!

Cable Features :

  • HIGH SPEED CHARGING & SYNC - Support PD fast charge and also ideal for charging and powering USB Type-C enabled devices, as well as syncing data, photos and music.
  • STRONG MATERIAL - Ballistic nylon braiding to prevent abrasion and tangles.It's also exceeds tensile strength testing with over 50,000 bending lifespan.
  • MAX OUTPUT POWER FOR 100W - Super fast charging time and speed transmission which ensures a safe charging at 5.0A Maximum and the speed of data sync up to 5 Gbps. No damage to your legacy USB hub.
  • THOUGHTFUL DESIGN - Intergrated one piece unbreakable structure & Aluminum housings and reinforced stress relief points.Slim USB-C to C connectors for easy connection.
  • EASY TO STORAGE - Velcro-Strap included.


    This USB cable connects your iPhone, iPad, or iPod with Lightning connector to your computer's USB port for syncing and charging. Or you can connect to the Apple USB Power Adapter for convenient charging from a wall outlet.

    USB-C to USB-C

    This charge  cable — with USB-C  connectors  on  both  ends — is  ideal for  charging,  syncing,  and  transferring  data  between USB-C  devices.  Pair  the  USB-C  Charge  Cable with  a compatible  USB-C  power  adapter  to conveniently  charge  your  devices  from  a  wall outlet  and  take  advantage  of  fast-charging  capabilities. USB-C  Power  Adapters  sold  separately.

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