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About Solide

Hey! Are you tired of the same style and appearance?

So are we.

Looking up at the colorful world constantly flashing by, but looking down, it is just an ordinary mobile phone.

I believe that people have their own personalities, including you and me. Not seeking exaggeration and luxury, but also don’t want to be ordinary. Especially the phone accessories that you always carry should have their own style and story.

Solide is dedicated to delving into the design details, creating small but key differences to make the product unique, and we hope you can bring it to life.

As a local Taiwanese team, we insist on quality as our duty. From design to production, it’s entirely done by Solide professional team. We have more than 30 years’ experience in production technology, which provides us with abundant innovation power. From the BubblePro ® patented technology that improves the protection by 300%, to the antibacterial material that passed the SGS 99.999% antibacterial test, we always ensure that the product features are as unique and outstanding as the style.

All our efforts are to ensure that you can always find the product that belongs to you at Solide. Having more outstanding features beyond your imagination so you can create your own style and story without any worries.