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【Collaboration Limited Edition】Solide x 2021 Taipei Film Festival VENUS EX Color Player #CLKeyVisual

  • US military standard certified.
  • Integrated with shock absorbing BubblePro™ material.
  • Access to all ports and controls.
  • Antibacterial agent applied // SGS JIS Z 2801:2010 Certified.

2 styles of Venus EX back cover, designed in the key visual of 2021 Taipei Film Festival. It starts with the most basic line graphics, fetal movement, splitting, and metamorphosis. Like a genetic sequence, it interweaves the unique postures and possibilities of various butterflies.

"How do you count as a film addict for you?"It is to feel the lives of others, to understand yourself better, to realize the inner universe, or to just want to escape from reality and simply enjoy the beauty of the film right now."To find the meaning of the film for our lives, we can all be film addicts."Every film addict is worthy of being loved by the film. With a small tacit understanding with each other, we will be the exclusive mark of the film addict. Let us cherish these moods of loving a film and go on to the next film world.

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