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【VENUS EX】Classic Anti-shock Case for iPhone Xs Max

  • Integrated with shock absorbing BubblePro™ material.
  • US military standard certified.
  • Access to all ports and controls.

VENUS EX 【Classic】Includes:
● Anti-Shock Bumper
● Transparent and Scratch-Resistant Back Cover   

VENUS EX Classic

VENUS and VENUS EX have the same basic design principles, both are a two-in-one design with a frame and a detachable back cover. The most obvious difference is VENUS EX got changeable buttons.



【VENUS EX】Classic Anti-shock Case for iPhone Xs Max


Polycarbonate / Anti-Shock Thermoplastic Elastomers

Polycarbonate / Anti-Shock Thermoplastic Elastomers / Polyurethane

Dimension & Weight