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Antibacterial Technology

How filthy is your mobile phone?

We explore the world from terrain to city and your backyard everyday with our smartphone, social media, navigation, smart home and many more, we do concentrate on personal sanitary in this toughest moment, but have you ever think about the mobile phone hygiene?

 Contain biological nanotechnology antibacterial

SOLiDE care about your health, all new biological nanotechnology antibacterial agent applied to our mobile case, with 99.99% bacterial reduction get bacteria go away!




Main ingredient of antibacterial is silver released as ion, efficacy achieve by attacking bacteria accurately.


All new mobile case passed MIL-STD-810G military drop test and SGS JIS Z 2801 antibacterial test, your health protect by SOLiDE!

 Passed SGS JIS Z 2810 antibacterial test